Projects (205)

Name PI Domain of Life # Samples Reads Metadata Assemblies Peptides
Acid Mine Drainage Metagenome Jillian F Banfield bacteria 2  
Alvinella pompejana Epibiont Metagenome Alison E Murray eukarya 1    
Microbial community gene expression across a productivity gradient ... Jonathan P Zehr, E Virginia Armbrust bacteria 40    
Antarctica Aquatic Microbial Metagenome Jeff Hoffman bacteria 162    
Host-microbe interactions in an Atriplex microbiome Mary Lucero bacteria 28    
Metagenomic Analysis of the North Atlantic Spring Bloom Stephen J Giovannoni bacteria 14    
Marine Bacterioplankton Metagenomes David Karl bacteria 8    
Alternative splicing in the choanoflagellate M. bre Dr Nicole King eukarya 2    
Metagenome from Yellowstone Bison Hot Spring Everett Shock bacteria 4    
Botany Bay Metagenomes Torsten Thomas bacteria 27    
Moore Marine Phage/Virus Metagenomes Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation viruses 137    
Moore Marine Phage/Virus Genomes Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation viruses 121    
Polyamine Metatranscriptomic Study Mary Ann Moran bacteria 6    
Chesapeake Bay Virioplankton Metagenome Eric Wommack viruses 1    
Study of a non-axenic Micromonas strain (CCMP1764) Alexandra Z Worden eukarya 1    
Diverse syntrophic partnerships by direct cell capture and metageno... Victoria J Orphan bacteria 2    
Chicken Cecum Microbiome Bryan A White bacteria 2    
Metagenomic analysis of stressed coral holobionts Forest Rohwer bacteria 13    
Dauphin Island Cubitainer Experiment (DICE) Mary Ann Moran bacteria 6    
Comparative day/night metatranscriptomic analysis of microbial comm... Mary Ann Moran bacteria 2    
Mediterranean Bathypelagic Habitat Metagenome Francisco Rodriguez-Valera bacteria 1    
Phosphorus Removing (EBPR) Sludge Community Philip Hugenholtz bacteria 2    
Epibiont Metagenome Stephen C Cary bacteria 1    
Waseca County Farm Soil Metagenome Edward M Rubin bacteria 1  
Fossil Metagenome Svante Paabo eukarya 1    
Global Ocean Sampling Expedition (GOS) J Craig Venter bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 332  
Surface Water Marine Microbial Community Gene Expression Jonathan P Zehr bacteria 16    
Mediterranean Gutless Worm Metagenome Edward M Rubin bacteria 1  
Uncultured Human Fecal Virus Metagenome Yijun Ruan viruses 3    
Human Microbiome Project NIH Roadmap for Medical Research bacteria 4    
Microbial Community Genomics at the HOT/ALOHA David Karl, Edward F. DeLong bacteria 25    
Human Distal Gut Biome project Steven R Gill bacteria 3    
13 Healthy Human Gut Metagenomes Tetsuya Hayashi, Masahira Hattori bacteria 13    
Metagenomic Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections Tetsuya Iida bacteria 2    
Hydrothermal Vent Metagenome John A Baross bacteria 1    
Metagenome isolated from Guerrero Negro hypersaline microbial mat i... Philip Hugenholtz bacteria 10    
Eukaryal V9 Tag Sequencing Methodology Linda A Amaral-Zettler eukarya 19    
Ice Metagenome of the Northern Schneeferner Rolf Daniel bacteria 1    
Intra-Species Genetic Diversity of the Centric Diatom Thalassiosira... E Virginia Armbrust eukarya 7      
Viral Metagenome from the Freshwater Lake Limnopolar Antonio Alcami viruses 2    
Marine Metagenome from Line Islands Elizabeth A Dinsdale bacteria 8    
Metagenome of Marine NaCl-Saturated Brine Francisco Rodriguez-Valera bacteria 1    
Moore Marine Microbial Sequencing NA bacteria, archaea 364    
The use and regulation of ferritin for iron sequestration in marine... E Virginia Armbrust eukarya 5    
Ocean Viruses Forest Rohwer viruses 4  
Microbial Oceanography Course Stephen J Giovannoni, John F Heidelberg, Craig E Nelson, Craig Carlson bacteria 173    
Microbial metagenome from Rios Mesquites microbiolite Mya Breitbart bacteria 2    
Monterey Bay Microbial Study Edward F. DeLong bacteria 6    
Mouse Gut Community Jeffrey Gordon bacteria 5    
Mouse Skin Metagenome Julia A Segre bacteria 1    
Pacific Beach Sand Metagenome Baylor College of Medicine bacteria 1    
Marine Metagenome from Coastal Waters project at Plymouth Marine La... Jack Gilbert bacteria 8    
Influence of nitrogen-fixation on microbial community gene expressi... Jonathan P Zehr, Mary Ann Moran bacteria 28    
Metagenomic signatures of the Peru Margin Jennifer Biddle bacteria 5    
Metagenomic analysis of viruses in reclaimed water Mya Breitbart viruses 6    
Singapore Air Metagenome Edward M Rubin bacteria 2    
AAP gene operon study of SAR11 clades Stephen J Giovannoni bacteria 4    
Viral and Microbial Metagenomes from Salterns of Differing Salinities Forest Rohwer bacteria, viruses 64    
Sapelo Island Summer 2008 Bacterioplankton Metatranscriptome Mary Ann Moran bacteria 2    
Sapelo Island Bacterioplankton Metagenome Mary Ann Moran bacteria 8    
Sargasso Sea Bacterioplankton Community Mary Ann Moran bacteria 2    
Marine Synechococcus metagenome experiment Brian Palenik bacteria 1    
Synechococcus Study Jennifer B H Martiny bacteria 2    
Tampa Bay Induced Viral Metagenome John H Paul viruses 1    
Termite Gut Metagenome California Institute of Technology bacteria 1    
A core gut microbiome in obese and lean twins Jeffrey Gordon bacteria 20    
Viral Metagenomes from Terrestrial Hot Springs Thomas Schoenfeld viruses 2    
Viral Stromatolite Metagenome Forest Rohwer viruses 3    
Washington Lake Metagenomes Ludmila Chistoserdova bacteria 5    
Diversity and population structure of sewage-derived microorganisms... Sandra L McLellan bacteria 9    
Wastewater Metagenome Mallard Creek Anthony A Fodor bacteria 5    
Western Channel Observatory Microbial Metagenomic Study Jack Gilbert bacteria 30    
Whale Fall Metagenome Edward M Rubin bacteria 3  
Yellowstone Lake: Genetic and Gene Diversity in a Freshwater Lake Shibu Yooseph, John Varley, William P Inskeep, Timothy R McDermott, Jeffrey I Gordon bacteria 42    
Yellowstone National Park Octopus/Mushroom Hot Springs Metagenome Devaki Bhaya bacteria 6    
Biosphere 2 Ocean Comparison of Sequencing Technologies Matthew B Sullivan viruses 3    
Metagenomic sequencing of terephthalate-degrading consortia from mo... University of Illinois bacteria 1    
Canine fecal metagenome Scot E Dowd bacteria 5    
Guaymas Basin deep-sea Metagenome Gregory Dick bacteria 8    
Microbial Initiative in Low Oxygen areas off Concepcion and Oregon Stephen J Giovannoni, Ricardo Letelier, Osvaldo Ulloa bacteria 64    
Bermuda Oceanic Microbial Observatory Course Craig E Nelson bacteria 2    
Bloomer DOM addition experiment Edward F. DeLong bacteria 7    
Monterey Bay transect CN207 sampling sites Alexandra Z Worden bacteria 12    
Bloomer DSW addition experiment Edward F. DeLong bacteria 13    
Analysis of a viral metagenomic library from 200 m depth in Montere... Grieg Steward viruses 1    
Solemya velum symbiont gill transcriptome Edward F. DeLong bacteria 1    
GorgonianRNAViruses Ian Hewson viruses 1    
Two HOT Fosmid end depth profiles (HOT179 and HOT186) Thomas Danhorn, Edward F. DeLong bacteria 8    
Diel gene expression profiles of a phosphorus limited mountain lake... Mary Ann Moran, Maria Vila-Costa, Emilio O Casamayor bacteria 4    
Swine fecal viromes with and without in-feed antibiotics Thad Stanton bacteria 15    
Metatranscriptomics of contaminated soil Evelyn Doyle bacteria 1    
Linker amplification for quantitative metagenomics of wild viruses ... Matthew B Sullivan, Melissa Duhaime viruses 41    
Comparative evaluation of methods to concentrate and purify wild oc... Matthew B Sullivan viruses 1    
Pacific Ocean Virus (POV) Protein Clusters Matthew B Sullivan viruses 33    
Sapelo Island Microbial Observatory (SIMO) metatranscriptomes pt I Mary Ann Moran bacteria 4      
Mleidyi_bacteria Lasse Riemann bacteria 1    
Allochthonous viruses in upstate NY freshwater resources Ian Hewson viruses 4  
Community succession in DOC utilization experiment reflects functio... Lasse Riemann bacteria 1    
Bacterial Diversity in Soils under Artemisia sieberi and Noaea mucr... Yosef Steinberger bacteria 8    
BATS 16S rRNA pyrosequencing time- and depth-series Stephen J Giovannoni bacteria 7    
Trichodesmium Viral Community Metagenome Ian Hewson viruses 3    
Symbiotic prokaryotic communities in sponges Michael P Lesser bacteria 57    
Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP) NA eukarya 678    
CMOP microbial metagenomics Andrew E Allen, Mariya Smit, Holly Simon, Lisa Z Allen bacteria 12      
Fluorescent epibiotic biofilm on Bahamaian ostracods Michael P Lesser, Charles Mazel, Cara L Fiore, Jessica K Jarett bacteria 1  
Lagrangian sampling of Monterey Bay Surface waters Christopher Scholin, Edward F. DeLong bacteria 13    
North Pacific metatranscriptomes from Monterey Bay to Open Ocean (C... Alexandra Z Worden bacteria 4    
Microbial controls on DMSP degradation and DMS formation in the Sar... Mary Ann Moran, Maria Vila-Costa bacteria 4    
Population structure of wild ocean cyanobacterial viruses revealed ... Matthew B Sullivan viruses 1    
Transcriptional Response of Bathypelagic Marine Bacteria to the Dee... Mary Ann Moran, Susannah Green Tringe, Samantha B Joye bacteria 21    
Micromonas sp. CCMP2099, Pyramomonas parkeae CCMP725 and Prasinoder... Alexandra Z Worden eukarya 3    
Sapelo Island Microbial Observatory (SIMO) metatranscriptomes II Mary Ann Moran bacteria 16    
Global Ocean Sampling Baltic Sea Shibu Yooseph, Craig Venter, Bergitta Bergman, Chistopher Dupont bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 252    
RIVER AMAZON METAGENOME Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Flavio Henrique-Silva bacteria 1    
Deep Chlorophyll Maximum Metagenome Francisco Rodriguez-Valera bacteria 1    
Santa Pola Saltern 19 Percent Francisco Rodriguez-Valera bacteria 1    
Santa Pola Saltern 37 percent Francisco Rodriguez-Valera bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 4    
Freshwater Lagoon Albufera Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Chistopher Dupont bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 12    
Hypersaline_Lagoon_MarMenor Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Chistopher Dupont bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 12    
A biomolecular approach to the cycling of carbon and iron in the ocean Mary Ann Moran, Ingrid Obernosterer bacteria 13    
White pox in Acropora palmata Michael P Lesser, Jessica K Jarett bacteria 1    
Mahoney Lake Metagenome Ann Pearson bacteria 3  
Southern Ocean Viromes (SOV) Matthew B Sullivan, Jennifer R Brum viruses 4        
Global Ocean Sampling Banyoles Emilio O Casamayor, Chistopher Dupont bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 48    
Amazon Continuum Plume Cruise - May/June 2010 Mary Ann Moran, John H Paul, Patricia L Yager, Byron C Crump bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 432        
Xmuta Metatranscriptome Michael P Lesser bacteria 3        
Delong HOT Series Edward F. DeLong viruses 42        
The gut DNA viromes of Malawian twins discordant for severe acute u... NA viruses 247        
Study of the viral and microbial metagenomes associated with the Cr... NA viruses 19        
A gnotobiotic mouse model of phage-bacterial host dynamics in the h... NA viruses 39        
Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) 2014: AUTHORITY-RAW amplicon and metagenom... NA viruses 1        
An analysis of the composition of viruses and bacteria in stool sam... NA viruses 171        
Handley et al. demonstrate that vaccination against SIV infection i... NA viruses 95        
Metagenomic analysis of the virome and 16S rRNA gene of feces from ... NA viruses 4        
Characterization of the nasopharyngeal virome in patients with infl... NA viruses 4        
Red Sea Virome Metagenome NA viruses 1        
Human blood viral Metagenome NA viruses 1        
Rapid evolution of the human gut virome NA viruses 1        
Blood_Virome_HIV Metagenome NA viruses 1        
DNA and RNA viruses (virome) isolated from the feces of pigs NA viruses 8        
Lake Michigan Chicago Virome Metagenome NA viruses 31        
Rat faecal viral metagenome NA viruses 20        
CAT fecal Metagenome NA viruses 1        
Antarctica-6LakesDNAViromes NA viruses 1        
STL Infant Twins Microbiome NA viruses 48        
Expanded Enteric Virome and Altered Bacterial Microbiome in Acquire... NA viruses 66        
Biodiversity of viruses in wild plants NA viruses 8        
Chesepeake Bay Virioplankton NA viruses 5        
Human lung healthy vs cystic fibrosis metagenome NA viruses 5        
Northern line islands NA viruses 4        
Oxygen minimum zone NA viruses 2        
Tampa Bay viral metagenome NA viruses 1        
Viral metagenome from terrestrial hot springs NA viruses 2        
Microbialites NA viruses 3        
Salton sea NA viruses 2        
Marine phages NA viruses 4        
Analysis of Saliva Virome NA viruses 14        
Cystic Fibrosis Metagenomes and Metatranscriptomes NA viruses 16        
Project for: Cow 6993 Virome Reads NA viruses 1        
Project for: Cow 7664 Virome Reads NA viruses 1        
Project for: Cow 7887 Virome Reads NA viruses 1        
Household_Project NA viruses 21        
Upwelling Arraial do Cabo NA viruses 4        
SEPRL/PoultryGut2012 NA viruses 12        
CRISPR_Skin_Saliva_Project NA viruses 104        
Dental_Plaque_Project NA viruses 11        
Namib_hypolith_metavirome NA viruses 5        
Bovine Virome NA viruses 27        
Salivary Virome Dynamics Study NA viruses 69        
Hypersaline_Lake_Tyrrell_Virome_Assembled_Genes NA viruses 1        
Australian Pediatric Diarrhea NA viruses 87        
Phage Biofilm Study NA viruses 43        
Kelley_Lab_Viral_Metagenomes NA viruses 7        
EffectsofLongTermAntibiotics_ViromeProject NA viruses 52        
UrineViromeProject NA viruses 20        
Chemostat NA viruses 30        
Hydra DNA Virome NA viruses 10        
IBD virome NA viruses 26        
Lake matoaka viral metagenomes NA viruses 3        
Porites lobata virome NA viruses 8        
Mosquito Metagenome Tiong Gim Aw viruses 86        
Tara Ocean Viromes (TOV) NA viruses 43        
Malspina Virome NA viruses 58        
The Human Skin Double-Stranded DNA Virome Elizabeth Grice viruses 675        
Southern California Bight microbial metagenomics Andrew Allen bacteria 48        
An Integrated Study of Energy Metabolism, Carbon Fixation, and Colo... Dr Stefan M Sievert Unknown 4        
Autotrophic carbon fixation at a shallow-water hydrothermal system:... Dr Dionysis Foustoukos Unknown 3        
Characterization of Microbial Transformations in Basement Fluids, f... Dr Peter Girguis Unknown 10        
Characterizing the distribution and rates of microbial sulfate redu... P Girguis, Dr Peter Girguis Unknown 2        
Deep phylogenetic and metagenomic analysis of microbial diversity a... John F. Heidelberg, Benjamin J. Tully, Dr John Heidelberg Unknown 1        
Functional gene diversity and expression in methane-hydrate bearing... J Glass, Dr Jennifer B. Glass Unknown 3        
Functional gene diversity and expression in ocean crust microbial c... Dr Julie L. Meyer Unknown 4        
Genomic analyses and microbial cultivations in unexplored sub-seafl... J Russell, J Biddle, Joseph A. Russell Unknown 2        
IODP Expedition 336- Mid-Atlantic Ridge Microbiology S Wankel, Dr Scott Wankel Unknown 1        
Metagenomic analysis of microbial CpG methylation in Delaware estua... J Biddle, A Marsh, Dr Adam Marsh Unknown 1        
Metagenomic signatures in seafloor rocks and subsurface sediments: ... E Singer, Esther Singer Unknown 1        
North Atlantic Meridional Circulation during the Last Glacial Maxim... Spivack, Pockalny, D'Hondt, Dr Arthur J. Spivack Unknown 1        
Novel peptidases in subsurface sediments: Activities and substrate ... A Steen, Dr Andrew Steen Unknown 1        
Oceanographic control and global distributions of subseafloor micro... S D'Hondt, Dr Steven L. D'Hondt Unknown 2        
Passing electrons through marine sediments: Cultivation and charact... A Rowe, K Nealson, Dr Annette R. Rowe Unknown 1        
Proteomic profiling of neutrophilic, iron-oxidizing Mariprofundus f... R Barco, K Edwards, Dr Katrina Edwards Unknown 2        
Studying genomic and population biology of dehalogenating Chlorofle... A Spormann, Dr Alfred M. Spormann Unknown 1        
World-wide exploration of microbial eukaryote diversity and activit... W Orsi, Dr William D. Orsi Unknown 2        
290 Metagenome-assembled Genomes from the Mediterranean Sea: Ongoin... John F. Heidelberg, Benjamin J. Tully, Rohan Sachdeva, Elaina D. Graham bacteria 6        
Station ALOHA Gene Catalogue v1 Edward F. DeLong Unknown 107