Projects (86)

Name PI Domain of Life # Samples Reads Metadata Assemblies Peptides
Moore Marine Phage/Virus Metagenomes Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation viruses 137    
Moore Marine Phage/Virus Genomes Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation viruses 121    
Chesapeake Bay Virioplankton Metagenome Eric Wommack viruses 1    
Global Ocean Sampling Expedition (GOS) J Craig Venter bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 83  
Uncultured Human Fecal Virus Metagenome Yijun Ruan viruses 3    
Viral Metagenome from the Freshwater Lake Limnopolar Antonio Alcami viruses 2    
Ocean Viruses Forest Rohwer viruses 4  
Metagenomic analysis of viruses in reclaimed water Mya Breitbart viruses 6    
Viral and Microbial Metagenomes from Salterns of Differing Salinities Forest Rohwer bacteria, viruses 32    
Tampa Bay Induced Viral Metagenome John H Paul viruses 1    
Viral Metagenomes from Terrestrial Hot Springs Thomas Schoenfeld viruses 2    
Viral Stromatolite Metagenome Forest Rohwer viruses 3    
Biosphere 2 Ocean Comparison of Sequencing Technologies Matthew B Sullivan viruses 3    
Analysis of a viral metagenomic library from 200 m depth in Montere... Grieg Steward viruses 1    
GorgonianRNAViruses Ian Hewson viruses 1    
Linker amplification for quantitative metagenomics of wild viruses ... Matthew B Sullivan, Melissa Duhaime viruses 41    
Comparative evaluation of methods to concentrate and purify wild oc... Matthew B Sullivan viruses 1    
Pacific Ocean Virus (POV) Protein Clusters Matthew B Sullivan viruses 33    
Allochthonous viruses in upstate NY freshwater resources Ian Hewson viruses 4  
Trichodesmium Viral Community Metagenome Ian Hewson viruses 3    
Population structure of wild ocean cyanobacterial viruses revealed ... Matthew B Sullivan viruses 1    
Global Ocean Sampling Baltic Sea Shibu Yooseph, Craig Venter, Bergitta Bergman, Chistopher Dupont bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 63    
Santa Pola Saltern 37 percent Francisco Rodriguez-Valera bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 1    
Freshwater Lagoon Albufera Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Chistopher Dupont bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 3    
Hypersaline_Lagoon_MarMenor Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Chistopher Dupont bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 3    
Southern Ocean Viromes (SOV) Matthew B Sullivan, Jennifer R Brum viruses 4        
Global Ocean Sampling Banyoles Emilio O Casamayor, Chistopher Dupont bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 12    
Amazon Continuum Plume Cruise - May/June 2010 Mary Ann Moran, John H Paul, Patricia L Yager, Byron C Crump bacteria, viruses, eukarya, archaea 108        
Delong HOT Series Edward F. DeLong viruses 42        
The gut DNA viromes of Malawian twins discordant for severe acute u... NA viruses 247        
Study of the viral and microbial metagenomes associated with the Cr... NA viruses 19        
A gnotobiotic mouse model of phage-bacterial host dynamics in the h... NA viruses 39        
Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) 2014: AUTHORITY-RAW amplicon and metagenom... NA viruses 1        
An analysis of the composition of viruses and bacteria in stool sam... NA viruses 171        
Handley et al. demonstrate that vaccination against SIV infection i... NA viruses 95        
Metagenomic analysis of the virome and 16S rRNA gene of feces from ... NA viruses 4        
Characterization of the nasopharyngeal virome in patients with infl... NA viruses 4        
Red Sea Virome Metagenome NA viruses 1        
Human blood viral Metagenome NA viruses 1        
Rapid evolution of the human gut virome NA viruses 1        
Blood_Virome_HIV Metagenome NA viruses 1        
DNA and RNA viruses (virome) isolated from the feces of pigs NA viruses 8        
Lake Michigan Chicago Virome Metagenome NA viruses 31        
Rat faecal viral metagenome NA viruses 20        
CAT fecal Metagenome NA viruses 1        
Antarctica-6LakesDNAViromes NA viruses 1        
STL Infant Twins Microbiome NA viruses 48        
Expanded Enteric Virome and Altered Bacterial Microbiome in Acquire... NA viruses 66        
Biodiversity of viruses in wild plants NA viruses 8        
Chesepeake Bay Virioplankton NA viruses 5        
Human lung healthy vs cystic fibrosis metagenome NA viruses 5        
Northern line islands NA viruses 4        
Oxygen minimum zone NA viruses 2        
Tampa Bay viral metagenome NA viruses 1        
Viral metagenome from terrestrial hot springs NA viruses 2        
Microbialites NA viruses 3        
Salton sea NA viruses 2        
Marine phages NA viruses 4        
Analysis of Saliva Virome NA viruses 14        
Cystic Fibrosis Metagenomes and Metatranscriptomes NA viruses 16        
Project for: Cow 6993 Virome Reads NA viruses 1        
Project for: Cow 7664 Virome Reads NA viruses 1        
Project for: Cow 7887 Virome Reads NA viruses 1        
Household_Project NA viruses 21        
Upwelling Arraial do Cabo NA viruses 4        
SEPRL/PoultryGut2012 NA viruses 12        
CRISPR_Skin_Saliva_Project NA viruses 104        
Dental_Plaque_Project NA viruses 11        
Namib_hypolith_metavirome NA viruses 5        
Bovine Virome NA viruses 27        
Salivary Virome Dynamics Study NA viruses 69        
Hypersaline_Lake_Tyrrell_Virome_Assembled_Genes NA viruses 1        
Australian Pediatric Diarrhea NA viruses 87        
Phage Biofilm Study NA viruses 43        
Kelley_Lab_Viral_Metagenomes NA viruses 7        
EffectsofLongTermAntibiotics_ViromeProject NA viruses 52        
UrineViromeProject NA viruses 20        
Chemostat NA viruses 30        
Hydra DNA Virome NA viruses 10        
IBD virome NA viruses 26        
Lake matoaka viral metagenomes NA viruses 3        
Porites lobata virome NA viruses 8        
Mosquito Metagenome Tiong Gim Aw viruses 86        
Tara Ocean Viromes (TOV) NA viruses 43        
Malspina Virome NA viruses 58        
The Human Skin Double-Stranded DNA Virome Elizabeth Grice viruses 675