Project Name Micromonas sp. CCMP2099, Pyramomonas parkeae CCMP725 and Prasinoderma coloniale CCMP1413 transcriptomes 
Domain (1) eukarya
Investigators (1)
Institution Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Project Code CAM_P_0001089
Project Type eukaryotes
Publications (1)

This project consists of transcriptome data for three marine phytoplankton Micromonas sp. CCMP2099, Pyramimonas parkeae CCMP725 and Prasinoderma coloniale CCMP1413. All strains were grown 14:10 hour light:dark cycle at 80-100?mol photon m-2 s-1 PAR. CCMP2099 was grown in Keller medium at 6C, CCMP725 was grown in f/2 medium at 20C, CCMP1413 was grown in Keller medium at 20C. Acclimated cultures were maintained for five transfers in mid-exponential growth phase and then harvested by filtration. Two harvest time points, 2hrs before lights-on and two hours after lights-on were combined for RNAseq. CCMP2099 and CCMP1413 are not axenic and bacterial sequences are present. In addition all three cultures were potentially contaminated with other protists.

Name Code Organism CDS NT Pep
MMETSP0022pc_contigs CAM_ASM_000927 CCMP2099      
MMETSP0032pc_contigs CAM_ASM_000928 CCMP725      
MMETSP0806pc_contigs CAM_ASM_000929 CCMP1413      

Sample Name PI Desc Cart