Project Name Study of a non-axenic Micromonas strain (CCMP1764) 
Domain (1) eukarya
Investigators (1)
Institution Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Project Code CAM_PROJ_CCMP1764
Project Type eukaryotes

454-FLX sequencing of a non-axenic Micromonas strain (CCMP1764). This marine picophytoplankter falls within a diverse genus - Micromonas - members of which are found throughout the world's oceans, from the tropics to polar waters. Their sequences can be found in the Global Ocean Survey Data and two finished genomes currently exist for Micromonas (Worden et al. 2009). Prior sequencing of the 18S rRNA gene from CCMP1764 indicates that this strain falls within Micromonas Clade M_I (Worden & Not 2008, Worden et al. 2009). Note that this strain is not known to be clonal, and is heavily contaminated with bacteria. 454 data should be considered keeping this information in mind. CCMP1764 was isolated in 1997 in the Pacific Ocean close to Panama (see for more information). True provenance for the culture from which DNA was isolated is that it provided to the RCC ( by the CCMP and was housed at the RCC (under the name RCC472), prior to coming to the Worden lab. The 454 data deposited here has been blended with Illumina data and used to generate a de novo assembly of the genome which will be released at a later date. If you would like to join us in annotated or analyzing this genome please contact azworden [at] For information on growing this strain please see

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