Project Name Dauphin Island Cubitainer Experiment (DICE) 
Domain (1) bacteria
Investigators (1)
Institution University of Georgia
Project Code CAM_PROJ_DICE
Project Type metagenome

To elucidate the transcriptional response of a natural bacterial community to dissolved organic matter produced by a phytoplankton bloom, a microcosm experiment was performed. Coastal seawater from Gulf of Mexico was collected and dispensed into microcosms. Two replicate cubitainers were amended with nutrients (N and P) to stimulate phytoplankton bloom, while two untreated cubitainers served as controls. The bacterial community metatranscriptome (0.22 - 5um size fraction) was sequenced from nutrient amended microcosms and untreated controls on day 5, while the phytoplankton bloom had reached its peak.

No assemblies.

Sample Name PI Desc Cart
DICE_experimental NA DICE_experimental
DICE_control NA DICE_control
DICE_SMPL_DICE_C1 NA DICE_C1 - Dauphin Island
DICE_SMPL_DICE_C2 NA DICE_C2 - Dauphin Island
DICE_SMPL_DICE_E1 NA DICE_E1 - Dauphin Island
DICE_SMPL_DICE_E2 NA DICE_E2 - Dauphin Island