Project Name Waseca County Farm Soil Metagenome 
Domain (1) bacteria
Investigators (1)
Institution DOE Joint Genome Institute
Project Code CAM_PROJ_FarmSoil
Project Type metagenome

Surface soil (0-10 cm) was collected in September 2001 from a farm in Waseca County, Minnesota. Biochemical analysis on 20 g of soil from the same site revealed it to be clay loam, with fair to low organic matter content, high levels of essential elements, and low levels of nonessential elements.

Microscopic analysis, including SYBR green DNA staining, found the organisms in the sample to be primarily prokaryotic. PCR-amplified 16S rRNA sequences from the sample revealed the presence of numerous bacterial and archaeal lineages.

Name Code Organism CDS NT Pep
Assembly of Reads from Waseca County (MN) Farm Soil WASECA_FRM_SOIL_ASM_20010901 FARM_SOIL      

Sample Name PI Desc Cart
FARM_SOIL NA FARM_SOIL - Waseco County, Minnesota (USA)