Project Name Functional gene diversity and expression in ocean crust microbial communities 
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Project description from C-DEBI:
The objective of this project is to determine the diversity, phylogeny, and expression of functional genes involved in carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur cycling in North Pond crustal fluids. These formation fluids are expected to be representative of the ubiquitous cold ocean crust habitat, where reactions between the water and mineral rock surfaces create substrates suitable for sustaining a potentially large reservoir of microbial life. Information regarding crustal microbial communities and the energy sources available for microbial metabolism has been limited by the inaccessibility of samples. IODP Expedition 336 will provide a unique opportunity to access deep subsurface formation fluids from North Pond, including sampling from multiple depth horizons within oceanic crust. My goal is to develop quantitative polymerase chain reaction assays to determine the expression of functional genes in order to increase our understanding of microbial metabolisms in deep subsurface environments.

This project was funded by a C-DEBI Postdoctoral Fellowship to Julie Meyer (formerly at the Marine Biological Laboratory).

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Sample Name PI Desc Cart
Lebetimonas Genomes NA Whole genome sequence data from bacterial isolates from venting fluids at NW Rota Seamount, collected in 2009 and 2010 on cruises TN232 and KM1005.
Cell Counts CNS NA Microbial cell abundance and carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur content from venting fluids and microbial mats at Axial Seamount, 2011. Samples collected on cruise AT18-08.
soxB Sequences NA soxB gene sequence data from microbial mats at Axial Seamount, 2011. Sample collected on cruise AT18-08.
16S rRNA Sequences NA 16S rRNA sequence data from venting fluids and microbial mats at Axial Seamount, 2011. Samples collected on the AT18-08 cruise.