Project Name Marine Bacterioplankton Metagenomes 
Domain (1) bacteria
Investigators (1)
Institution University of Hawaii
Project Code CAM_PROJ_Bacterioplankton
Project Type metagenome
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Marine bacterioplankton play globally crucial roles in net remineralization of organic into inorganic compounds, and consume around 50 % of phytoplankton production. Bacterioplankton production is enhanced in regions of elevated productivity, especially in upwelling zones, where inorganic nutrients fuel phytoplankton production several fold higher than in surrounding areas. The equatorial Pacific Ocean experiences upwelling causing enhanced rates of particulate primary production in surface waters in the region from ~12dN to ~12dS compared to the surrounding oligotrophic tropical waters. The enhanced primary production has strong impacts upon net bacterioplankton production, with higher rates than in surrounding waters. Moreover, bacterioplankton production is linked to the supply of organic matter rather than temperature in these waters. Thus, the equatorial Pacific Ocean is an ideal location for examining the influence of variable organic matter quantity upon activities of tropical surface water microorganisms. The distribution of microbial assemblages and the genes they harbor has not been previously investigated in the region. Metagenomic studies of marine bacterioplankton along a transect from eastern North America to the Galapagos Islands (Rusch et al., 2007) has revealed variability in the genomic composition of bacterioplankton at scales 5 micron size fraction was also sequenced.

No assemblies.

Sample Name PI Desc Cart
BACTERIOPLANKTON_SMPL_S_35131 NA S_35131 - South Pacific Subtropical Gyre
BACTERIOPLANKTON_SMPL_S_35139 NA S_35139 - South Pacific Subtropical Gyre
BACTERIOPLANKTON_SMPL_S_35147 NA S_35147 - South Pacific Subtropical Gyre
BACTERIOPLANKTON_SMPL_S_35155 NA S_35155 - Pacific Equatorial Divergence Province
BACTERIOPLANKTON_SMPL_S_35162 NA S_35162 - Pacific North Equatorial
BACTERIOPLANKTON_SMPL_S_35163 NA S_35163 - Pacific North Equatorial
BACTERIOPLANKTON_SMPL_S_35171 NA S_35171 - Pacific North Equatorial Countercurrent
BACTERIOPLANKTON_SMPL_S_35179 NA S_35179 - North Pacific Tropical Gyre