Sample: MMETSP0150

Sample Name MMETSP0150 
Sample Type eukaryotes
Project Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP)
Investigators (1)

Chaetoceros debilis MM31A-1

Sample Accession CAM_SMPL_002438
Combined Assembly Chaetoceros-debilis-MM31A_1
Taxon ID 122233

Ph 8.15  
Phosphate 28.45  
Nitrate 28  
Silicate 60  
Ammonium 0.09  
Axenic No  
Trace elements 7.3  
Experimental salinity 33.6  

Longhurst province SANT  

Growth medium modified f/2 amended seawater  
Modifications to growth medium Using trace metal solution after Morel et al. 1979. medium set up using trace metal clean conditions and procedures.  
Other environmental metadata available  

NCBI SRA SRS619035  

Habitat name marine habitat  
Envo term for habitat primary term Acquatic: marine  
Envo term for habitat secondary term Other  
Habitat marine habitat  

Site name Southern_Ocean  
Latitude -49.6  
Longitude 2.1  
Site description EIFEX station 513  
Sample collection site Southern_Ocean  
Other collection site info EIFEX station 513  

Project id 104  
Collection start time 2004-02-27 00:00:00.0  
Collection stop time 2004-02-27 00:00:00.0  
Clonal 1  
Collection date 27-FEB-04  
Date of experiment 17-MAY-11  
External sample id C. debilis Fe- 2  
Investigation type EU  
Principle investigator Bank Beszteri  
Primary citation Cleve PT (1894). Bih. Kongl. Svenska Vetensk.-Akad. Handl. 20(3/2):1-16  

GenBank BioSample 2740224  
Fastq file /iplant/home/shared/imicrobe/projects/104/transcriptomes/MMETSP015/MMETSP0150.fastq.tar  

Day portion of day night cycle in hours 16  
Light 35  
Experimental temperature 3  
Night portion of day night cycle in hours 8  

Library acc CAM_LIB_001204  
Sequencing method Illumina  
Dna type cDNA  
Assembly accession number CAM_ASM_000256  
Combined assembly name Chaetoceros-debilis-MM31A_1  
Pcr amp No  

Source mat id (MMETSP0150) Chaetoceros debilis - seawater  
Source mat id 2913  
Source mat id CAM_BM_002458  
Source mat id CAM_SMPL_002438  
Sample type eukaryotes  
Sample description Chaetoceros debilis MM31A-1  
Sample name MMETSP0150  
Taxon id 122233  
Sample material seawater  

Strain MM31A-1  
Genus Chaetoceros  
Species debilis  
Family Chaetocerotaceae  
Order Chaetocerotales  
Superkingdom Eukaryota  
Class Coscinodiscophyceae  
Phylum Bacillariophyta