Sample: GS006

Sample Name GS006 
Sample Type metagenome
Project Global Ocean Sampling Expedition (GOS)
Investigators (0) N/A

GS006 - Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Sample Accession JCVI_SMPL_1103283000012

Chlorophyll 1.69  
Chlorophyll 2.8  
Leg 1st leg  

Ph 1.69  
Ph 2.8  

Longhurst province NWCS  

Water depth 11  

Habitat name saline water  

Site name Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia  
Latitude 45.111668  
Longitude -64.94666  
Site description Estuary  
Country CANADA  
Region North American East Coast  
Site depth 1  
Sample depth 1  
Depth 1  
Depth 11  

Project id 26  
Collection start time 2003-08-23 10:47:00.0  
Collection stop time 2003-08-23 10:47:00.0  
Filter min 0.1  
Filter max 0.8  

Temperature 11.2  

Library acc JCVI_LIB_GS-06-01-01-1P8KB  
Sequencing method dideoxysequencing (Sanger)  
Dna type gDNA  
Num of reads 59679  

Source mat id 45  
Source mat id JCVI_SITE_GS006  
Source mat id JCVI_SMPL_1103283000012  
Sample type metagenome  
Sample description GS006 - Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia  
Sample name GS006